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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Furniture on Rent

With the new age boom of the internet, people are slowly moving towards purchasing more and more things online rather than stepping out into the harsh weather conditions and moving from store to store just to find the perfect match.

This trend is also evidently noted in the furniture sector as more people prefer scrolling through some of the trusted brands and prefer getting their furniture online itself. However, with the rising expenses and cost of living, people are inclined towards saving money by getting furniture on rent and not compromising on their comfort.

And emerging startups like Bhadepay are filling the gap by providing a one-stop solution to finding the perfect furniture for rent, along with spectacular services that cut down the moving and maintenance hassles.

These services especially come in handy for college students or job seekers who move to metropolitan to build their careers and need to live on a budget. However, even though there are so many benefits that furniture rental portals provide, understanding the procedure for renting furniture is extremely important.

How exactly can one opt for furniture on rent?

This guide or steps to follow can vary slightly as per the portal you choose, but the bottom line process that is followed by almost all the furniture rental portals are-

  • Selecting the furniture that catches your eye
  • Then choose the duration for renting furniture
  • Complete the Payment
  • Verify the mobile number/ email
  • Get your KYC done with minimal documents

That is all! Renting furniture can be as easy as that. All you need to ensure is you’re choosing the furniture on rent from a credible and authentic website, and you’d be good to go to have a comfortable and budget-friendly life for yourself.

Should I choose Furniture on rent?

Since the concept to rent furniture online is a comparatively newer one for most people, the question that one might have in their mind is whether they should be going ahead with the idea. And to really know who all are the people for whom this can be the ideal choice?

The answer is ‘everyone’. However cliche or surprising it may sound, it is the best choice you can make to live a comfortable and pocket-friendly life in metro cities where managing expenses can be a task.

Renting furniture online can be a good option, no matter if you are
  • Just a temporary visitor in the city for some work
  • Someone who’d want to pick a house instead of an Air Bnb
  • A student who wishes to move out of the hostel
  • A fresher starting out your job in a big city
  • A family who is trying to seek comfort at affordable rates
  • Or a new couple trying to build a house with minimum expenses
What do the furniture rental costs look like?

Compared with the expenses that count when you buy a piece of furniture, the cost behind furniture on rent looks pretty negligible. Since rent is deducted monthly, the amount feels a significantly low burden on the budget. Not just that, but if you opt for a yearly option, most furniture rental portals provide an even more deduction in the rates.

And, if you look out for the furniture on rent on the portals like Bhadepay, where the prices are as low as Rs. 84/ Month, then it can just be like a cherry on the top of your monthly budgeting.

Like every other industry, the furniture rental industry works on multiple renting models to give its users a more comprehensive range of options.

1. The Rent-to-rent model

The rent-to-rent model lets users rent furniture from the rental portals for the pre-decided timeline. This model can be chosen for a single piece of furniture, multiple pieces or even furniture packages. The only way to keep the furniture for a longer duration is to renew the contract or extend the duration with the portal.

This kind of model works perfectly for individuals who are sure that they would not want to buy the furniture anytime soon. The costs of these packages are comparatively less but have bigger instalments to be paid.

2. The Rent-to-own model

The rent-to-own model is pretty much what the name says. This model allows its users to rent the furniture till they typically pay the cost required to cover the actual price of the furniture. In this model, the users might avail of a reduction in the rate if the portals provide, or they even get to pay lesser interest if they choose to continue for a longer tenure.

This model works perfectly well for people who are certain of owning the piece of furniture but are not really willing to pay the entire price right away. Many furniture rental portals like Bhadepay even give the leverage to their users to switch from rent-to-rent to the rent-to-own model at any point in time if they wish to.

3. Subscriptions

The subscription model is another option provided by furniture rental portals that makes their users abide by paying a certain amount for a specific time and then renew the subscription if they wish to. This model is known for the additional benefits that customers get if they end up being long-term clients of the company.

That was all about the models of furniture rental and how they can affect a customer in terms of costs they need to bear to have their furniture on rent.

What are the benefits of Rental Furniture?

The benefits of renting furniture over buying are way too many. This is one of the reasons why more people are now making a choice of opting for furniture on rent. Reduced hassles, the choice to change or upgrade, compatibility with the fast-paced world etc. are few of the many benefits one gets. Let us walk you through them in detail so that you know what more you’re getting when you choose to have your furniture on rent.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Renting furniture can reduce the expenses of your monthly budget significantly if you choose to do it from the right portal. Since you need not pay a big sum right at once, you feel less burdened about managing the monthly budget.

This can be a crucial thing for students, bachelors or families living in metropolitans and managing the high-end expenses every month.

2. Environment-friendly

In recent years, more people are making choices that are environment-friendly in all aspects. Disposing of a used furniture piece is followed by processing of its material in order to decompose. However, most furniture materials are made of PVC or other non-biodegradable materials that only cause harm to nature. However, all of this harm can be avoided if you choose to rent furniture.

3. Reduced hassles while moving

When you move from one place to another, moving these big pieces of furniture like beds, wardrobes etc becomes your biggest trouble. However, if you have those wardrobes and beds on rent from good and authentic furniture rentals, then you need not worry about bearing the expenses of moving.

This way you not only save yourself from the moving expenses but also from the time and energy you would have required in order to do so if you owned it.

4. The choice to upgrade whenever you want

One of the biggest issues you face when you spend more on something is that it takes away the leverage to upgrade or change as per the trend, knowing that the investment amount was too much. Sometimes, you need to end up curbing your desire to stay in trend or get yourself more comfort because of this concern. Be it about upgrading to a cosier sofa or a more comfortable bed.

But, if you have that furniture on rent, then all you need to do is wait for the renting tenure to end, and then quickly get yourself trendier and more comfortable furniture.

What is the process to get Furniture on Rent from BhadePay?

So far if you have read everything, we are pretty sure you would have made up your mind to rent furniture and would want to know about the exact process to be followed for the same. So without any further ado, find out the step-wise process you need to follow in order to get the furniture on rent for your home.

1. Decide the furniture pieces you like

The first and foremost step should be listing down the furniture pieces you’d like to rent. Once this is done, do some measurements to ensure that it fits the space in your house you are willing to fit it in. And most importantly, check if you really need it in your house or not.

2. Check for packaged deals

Furniture portals like Bhadepay have packaged deals like Work from Home combos and many more that are bundled up at spectacular prices and you can get everything you might need, covered in this packaged deal.

3. Decide the tenure

Once you have finalized everything, the next obvious step would be deciding the tenure for how long you would want to rent the furniture.

4. Complete KYC verification

The next step would be to complete the KYC and get your documents verified so that you can directly get on to the last step of getting home the furniture.

5. Set up a delivery schedule

Once all of this is done, now all you are required to do is to set up a delivery schedule so that the furniture can be at your doorstep at your desired time and convenience. Super simple, isn’t it?

With this, we have tried to help you with almost every aspect relating to renting furniture, however, some of the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are:

1. Should I buy or rent furniture?

Whether you should buy or rent is a decision that would base on several factors but one of the crucial points to consider is whether you have a mobile job or a constant one. If it is the first one, then renting can be the best choice for you. However, you can read more about it here.

2. How do I decide the furniture rental portal?

This shall be decided based on the credibility of the portal as well as the add-on benefits you get from them. For instance, every furniture rental company would provide you with furniture on rent, but you should look if they bear the expenses of installation, moving or maintenance etc. so you can get maximum benefits.

3. What if I wish to keep the furniture forever?

This can be possible with some furniture rental portals like Bhadepay, which give you the option of ‘rent to buy’ where you can rent the furniture in the beginning and then you can also switch to actually buying it if you feel like keeping it forever.

4. Is it safe to share the KYC details with companies?

Companies that are credible and authentic seek your personal details only to verify your address and identity for the legal paperwork and there is no harm in sharing your details with them.

5. Is it compulsory to pay the deposit fee to the portals?

This can be very subjective based on the terms and policies of each company. However, if they have it as a mandatory requirement then you ought to pay the same.