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Adjusting Back to Office Norms

Change in any form feels difficult to adjust. This totally holds true even when it comes to adjusting to the back to office norms after a really long period. With the ease of the restrictions, the offices are slowly adapting to the on-site work.

And it is becoming quite a task to adjust to the change as each one of us have our schedule, routine, budgeting and adjustments altered to the work from home culture for the longest time.

We aspire to help you through the process by giving some tips you can swear by, while you are making a shift in your routine as well as mindset with this regard

Baby steps to get Social

Since the pandemic has set in, the social lives of people have taken a tremendous hit. People slowly have become very used to the introvert personality where they keep themselves occupied with their own things and with things getting back to normal, this need to socialize is becoming difficult for the majority of them.

If you have thoughts about, ‘how will i socialize with everyone’? Will it be awkward to talk to my colleagues ? etc. then all you need to do is take little steps, start with talking to your friends in the office and then start socializing in larger groups.

Establish a Work life balance

Balancing between work and personal life is a tricky thing especially when you have become too habituated to do things from home where you could easily find time for other things. Thus, drawing a line between work and not taking things home is something you will require to work on actively.

However, the first step to it could be actively forming boundaries in your head and actually communicating the same with your boss and subordinates too.

Re-plan the budget

With everything slowly moving offline, it becomes obvious that the cost of travel will slowly become a thing that can shake your monthly budget.

While it is almost impossible to cut down on basic expenses in the inflation we are living in, one of the best ways to keep things in check is by not buying things and going for EMIs and renting as much as possible.

One of the good ideas could be choosing the furniture on rent so that it gives you the leverage to let go of a few things if the budget goes beyond and also helps to deal with saving concerns. With bhadepay, you can get furniture at rates as low as 85 Rupees and this can be the first step to monthly savings with the same comfort and luxury!

Be gentle on yourself

No matter how cliche it may sound, you will always have to face situations where life takes a drastic change and you will have to juggle multiple things at once.

Sometimes during such times, we end up being too harsh on ourselves and set unrealistic and too high expectations and get into self criticism if not achieved those. Thus, you must always always remember how important it is to be gentle with yourself.

You will for sure find it difficult to handle things but the more calm and gentle you would be, the more focused you would become and have a solution based approach to tackle the issues of adjusting back to office norms.

In case you want to get into some self care, then you can invest in a comfy sofa to binge watch your favourite show or a recliner chair and not worry about the expense as you can get everything on budget with Bhadepay’s furniture on rent facility !