Preps to Do When Your Friends Come Over for an IPL Night

With IPL season being just around the corner, the enthusiasm and zeal to support your favourite team can be at its absolute peak. And you too, like everyone else, would have planned a match night on the weekend to chill and enjoy with your friends and family.

But while you are all into the weekly chores and swamped with work, managing the resources for the weekend might become stressful for you. So to help you ease your stress, here are a few tips from us that would help you prepare for a perfect chill IPL night with your friends.

  1. Order food before the night

    One of the biggest concerns, when you invite people over, is to look after the munching and the food. Deciding on it beforehand not just increases the odds to explore good and budget-friendly options, but also keeps the last-minute stress at bay.

    One of the best ways to decide on it is to do a poll in your group or maybe just go ahead with something hassle-free to manage. And while you pre-order your meal, also make sure you have ordered eco-friendly disposable plates and cups to get rid of the dishes' trouble.

  2. Comfy furniture for the clan

    It is obvious to you that you might not have enough furniture and comfy chairs that can accommodate so many people at once in your house. This becomes 10x true when you invite people not just for a short dinner party but for streaming that would go 5 hours long.

    So, compromising on the furniture might not be the best option to choose. Instead, look for a comfy sofa on rent, or renting a sofa cum bed or maybe recliner chairs for extra relaxing feels for you and your friends while cheering for your favourite team. This will not just save you A LOT of money but also give max comfort to your friends.

    Although this idea can sound a little taxing for going to the entire process of finding those perfect fit pieces of furniture and the hassles of finding ways you can have furniture on rent. But, this trouble comes to an end with BhadePay's rental furniture and hassle-free delivery starting from as low as 84 rupees.

  3. Check your appliances

    There can be no mood spoiler worse than your television or fridge or air conditioner not working when you have invited so many people just to watch the match on it. So, doing a regular check of its working is what we would highly suggest. It will ensure a break free experience while you rest on the sofa on rent and have a comfy vibe of the game.

    However, if you feel like the fun might be at risk with your tv being a little old or unstable to work. Then you can consider renting appliances from BhadePay and have a great IPL season.

  4. Brush up some home decor

    If you are one of those people who would want your home to look up to the mark when you have guests over, then this might be the perfect time for you to invest in some home decor.

    Get some artificial plants, some throw over rugs to add a pop of colour, or maybe some minimal but cute painting or decor items that would go with the theme of your house and let your guests go ‘oh la la’ when they visit you!

  5. Aesthetic lights

    Never underestimate how lights can change the entire mood of the evening. Having said that, you can also invest in some good neon lights or fairy lights to create a perfect vibe for your game night and enjoy the most out of it!

    With these super easy and affordable tips, you can have a great IPL match while you scream at the top of your voice to cheer your team and have constant friendly commentary from your friend right beside you. Leave all your furniture and appliances worry about us and check out some great budget-friendly options here! Have fun!