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How to Have a Good Lifestyle on a Budget in Pune

The city of Pune is known as one of the best metropolitan cities in India because of its unique blend of modernisation, work culture and traditional roots. One can have a fantastic lifestyle here with the pleasant weather, thriving work opportunities and individual housing choices to live in.

According to one of the surveys, Pune was also declared the 2nd best city to live in India. However, if one decides to have a comfortable lifestyle in the city, they are expected to compromise on the budget or the lavishness they strive for.

But what if we told you having your desired lifestyle in Pune is not that difficult with some smarter choices you make? Find out how!

1. Better housing options

Pune has some really attractive housing options for one to either buy or rent as per the budget. Since it is a hub of IT professionals, the infrastructural growth in the city is unmatchable.

The real estate prices in Pune are much lower than in Mumbai, and one can even find houses for rent based on their budget and expectations in the city.

2. Using Public transport

Since the city is pretty big, it is difficult to commute every day by your vehicle and still manage the budget. However, the city has a really well-connected public transport system that can be a budget-friendly option to avoid the fatigue of driving for hours or even worrying about the fuel prices for your travel.

3. Choose Renting wherever possible.

Buying a house from an investment perspective is a very subjective idea. But for other things for the routine like furniture, appliances or vehicles, one might opt for the rental options.

Since the city is the IT hub, there are startups like Bhadepay, that are functional in Pune with the only goal of making people’s lives comfortable without spending extra money.

You can rent your furniture like sofa, bed, working desk combo or even appliances like Washing machine, TV etc. from Bhadepay where prices start from as low as Rs. 84/ month.

This way, you can have a lifestyle you wish for without compromising on comfort or budget.

4. Grab Good job opportunities

One of the best ways to maintain or upgrade a lifestyle is by striving for better job opportunities for career growth. This helps you increase your income as well as move forth in your career graph.

In the city of Pune, there are plenty of MNCs and Startups where you can join and polish your skillset and grow financially.

5. Take advantage of the pleasant climate.

One of the best things about the city of Pune is the pleasant atmosphere that one can take the most advantage of. It can be a perfect choice that adds to the mood for just taking a stroll in the park or perhaps visiting the ancient monument and just soaking yourself in the beauty of the heritage.

6. Weekend getaways

Since Pune is located very close to some of the beautiful getaway destinations, you can make the most of it by taking mini trips out of the city amidst nature to charge yourself internally and genuinely have a healthier lifestyle in terms of your mental health.

Thus, by following these few simple tips, you can strive for a good lifestyle in Pune that can take care of your health and career growth as well, that too in a holistic manner.