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4 Reasons you should Buy vs Rent your furniture

We all know of people who have jobs that require them to move cities for work or studying. And you might have often heard from them how taxing is the task to move from one place to another, especially if they have too much furniture in their home. And of course, in this scenario, buying new furniture in a different city each time would only make a hole in the pocket.

But then, have you heard about this new unconventional thing of renting the furniture and making the moving part exciting and thrilling rather than consuming and difficult? Well, if you are also intrigued by this concept and want to know more about this concept, then hang on and keep reading!

So before we give you some legitimate and thoughtful reasons why you should make a checklist of the pros and cons to buy vs rent the furniture, let us first start with some icebreaking stats!

Ever wondered why renting could be a great alternative to buying furniture?

In India, with the rise of the new trends in the GenZ population, which constitutes almost 34% of the total population the thought process and the stereotypes about various aspects are now coming to an end. With that, one of the biggest revolutions that are observed is about their vigilance about spending on assets only and not on the liabilities that make a hole in the pocket.

Well, the new age trend of renting furniture or renting appliances is something that is very closely observed. Many startups are coming up with services like FaaS i.e. Furniture as a service that helps them live the same luxurious life without spending a major part of their earnings just in order to have the basic comforts in the home or hostels or PGs they live in. In a recent study, it was observed that the furniture and appliances rental market will have an average valuation of USD 1.89 billion by 2025.

If you are still wondering, ‘is renting furniture worth it?’ then we have got some strong reasons that will surely help you make up your mind about it. Find out how!

Reasons why you choose renting while you have a ‘rent vs buy furniture’ battle in your mind:
  1. Renting can save you more bucks.

    No matter how much money you earn, saving wherever possible is always a wise choice to make. If you are calculative about renting vs buying furniture, then you will realize you can save a lot of money if you go with renting. Buying would drain a big chunk at one go, which might then result in going too tight on the budget towards the month-end.

    On the other hand, if you are thinking you would rather buy some cheaper furniture, then do think once which is a better idea, ‘To buy something cheap and spend more on its maintenance or to rent something superior and save money through it? So the next time you wish to buy any furniture, rethink and rent.

  2. Freedom to change it according to the trend and budget.

    Say for example you are earning x amount and you get a salary hike from the next month. You would want to invest in your comfort but realize that you have already spent a lot by buying a piece of furniture that is neither so comfy nor so trendy. Cloud of regrets, right?

    If you can resonate with this and want to save yourself from situations like this, then make a better choice from renting vs buying furniture and choose to rent and stay in trend!

    In any case, you want an upgrade in the style or the comfort, renting makes that process easier too! Sounds like a great deal, isn’t it?

  3. Relocate to a new place with ease

    As someone who is living in a new city, you might change your place to move in with your friends, or colleagues or get a place closer to your college or workplace. During this time, if you have bought furniture, then you will have no choice but call for a movers and packers company who will charge some hefty amount along with all the tiring trouble to be a part of the process.

    If this process intimidates you too, then choose to rent if you are confused about renting vs buying furniture. This way you can save the hassle of moving trouble and also save a lot of energy during the process.

  4. The Value of the furniture depreciates

    The longer you use something, the lesser is its re-sell value over time. If you think you will sell the furniture every time you want to change or upgrade, then we would suggest you do some math and calculate the value depreciation of the furniture you’ve bought.

    In this case, too, buying the furniture will bring along a constant concern of taking extra care in order to preserve its condition to get a good value when you resell. So, why not just rent it and rather focus your energy and concern on something rather important than worrying about the condition of your furniture? Think about it and make a better choice about renting vs buying furniture.

    By far, we are sure you would have made up your mind that renting is a far better option than buying furniture. So, if you are looking for a company that rents furniture and appliances at a great price and in good condition, then BhadePay is at your service. Founded in 2019, it is a FaaS startup based in Pune that is not just an online furniture and appliance rental company but also a venture that aims to change how people purchase their household furniture and appliances. Happy renting!